Your Best Microlocs 5 Day Bootcamp Challenge

Breaking down everything you need to know about creating and maintaining head-turning Microlocs of your dreams, as well as what it takes to get official certification. 



*Always free for members and certified pros.

You can join the challenge as many times as you'd like! 

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Get Your Microlocs in The Best Shape Ever

Join us for 5 jam-packed days that will leave you with tremendous value. You’ll learn how to prevent and address the most common problems and create a solid foundation for your hair and business. Space is limited, so don’t wait! Save your spot today.


5 Days:

5 Fundamental Areas

DAY 1 


We will learn the tools, system and techniques required to properly prepare for the best results.

DAY 2 


Learn how to prevent the most common problems, often overlooked by many.

DAY 3 


Learn what it takes to master the perfect installation that ensures Microlocs only get more strong and beautiful over time.

DAY 4 


Maintenance tips, do's and don'ts to ensure the BEST results possible.

DAY 5 

Grow and Flourish

Ensure consistent and accelerated growth in your Microlocs and, if desired, business with this official Microloc Certification. Learn best methods and techniques to ensure consistent, healthy growth.

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I'm Jessyca

I’m a NYC/NJ area natural hair business owner, licensed Social Worker, and natural hair and Microloc empowerment coach. I pioneered the "Microloc" branding as in 2009 in Brooklyn, NY when I saw the need to support women with advance repair, reattachment, refinement, and hair loss and thinning support. Out of this, I created the first exclusive Microloc Certification program, Microloc Hair Locking tools, Microloc Extensions, and the international Microloc Directory.

With over 100 people certified through this program, in over 8 countries and most of the US, I now work with people all over the world supporting their personal and professional goals with Microlocs, within the hair industry and their lives. I particularly enjoy working with other women of color and mothers tap into their skills and passions, particularly around their hair, Microlocs and entrepreneurship. The overall theme is EMPOWERMENT and I'm here for it!

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"Thank you so much loved this bootcamp! So glad I attended."

- Jeanniene Jacques

"Overall the entire bootcamp was great. I love starting off with the basics…..the ABC’s so you can prevent a lot of errors!"

- Shay Lynn

"Mainly I loved the part about maintenance, and what products actually do to the locking process"

- Ameera Madzimoyo

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a certain skill level that is required to attend this training?

This bootcamp is designed for all levels, from novice DIYer, to established hair professionals.

How long is each bootcamp session?

The sessions will run for about 1 hour each day.


Will I be able to get the training material if I cannot attend the session live?

Yes, you will be provided with access to bootcamp recordings if you cannot attend live in person. However, for the best interactive experience, it is recommended to attend each session live with video and mic enabled (so we can see and hear you!). There will be check in, daily challenges, and prizes for those that attend and participate live. 

Will this bootcamp provide me with Microloc certification?

No, this bootcamp is not our certification training, however it will provide you with valuable information, resources and skills to benefit you whether you are in our main program or not. In this bootcamp, program information and details are given for those desiring to be a part of any of our programs. Bootcamp attendees will receive special offers and opportunities will be provided for those interested in enrolling in our certification program.

Are tools and supplies provided?

You will be given daily workbooks, handouts, forms, and homework/challenges, however you will not receive our hair locking tools or training supplies for this bootcamp challenge. This challenge is a supportive and interactive experience designed get you your best results whether you are a client or professional. You DO have opportunities to win supplies and gift sets if you participate live!


Have a question not listed here? Feel free to contact us at [email protected].