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  • Free bonus workbok planner
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Workbooks and Materials: Receive workbooks, handouts and materials to accompany the training. 

Online Portal Access: Get immediate access to your own online portal where you can connect to your free trainings, resources and materials.

 VIP Access for Personal interaction and support! Only people who upgrade their ticket will be eligible to participate live to come on camera, interact directly and have their unique questions answered.
Microloc Masters Community to Forge Meaningful Connections with Students and Coaches: Interact virtually with other like-minded attendees throughout the event to broaden your perspective and deepen your experience.
Replay Access: Enjoy access to event replays for an extended period of 30 days after the event. Revisit and reinforce your learnings at your own pace.

BONUS! FREE Microloc Styling Workshop: Get immediate access to additional free styling trainings and demos. This workshop, gives you insights and techniques to beautifully maintain and style your Microlocs. 

 BONUS! FREE Success Planner Workbook: Plan your success with this helpful guide walking you through the critical areas of focus in building success with Microlocs. This workbook will give you a clearer vision and action plan to start building your success right away! 

Get for only $99

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