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It's as easy as signing up to get your unique tracking link, sharing with friends, family and your social media  audience. When they sign up for our courses, you get a commission!! 



Perfect for Salon owners, DIY-ers and Natural Hair Influencers

This is the perfect fit for you if...

You've wanted to enroll, but you can't afford the course right now.

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to pay for your own training! It can be as easy as sharing the link with a few interested friends.

You may be a salon owner or know a group seeking certification.

Enrolling a group for certification pays big! Great returns for you and/or enables you to take the program for FREE. You also help the group save significantly. $$$

You are already a part of the program and would like to earn on your referrals.

Maybe you're one of the AWESOME team members who've already found your success with the program and would like to profit off your referrals (I mean WHY NOT?? -GET YOUR BAG! $)



Passive Income

Becoming an affiliate earns you 10%-20% of every sale made from clicking your unique link. You do not have to be a current member, in fact, you can earn enrollment for yourself!! 


Support and Free Training

As an affiliate, you have free access to support 7 days a week, trainings on getting traffic and making money as an affiliate, as well as other trainings.

Ready Made Scripts and Logos

No need to think about what to write, just copy and paste one of our many already made text templates and logo into your emails, social media posts, or YouTube description boxes.

Monthly Check-Ins

Stay supported and inspired with regular check-in sessions, ideal for those serious about maximizing their affiliate role and profits!


Affiliate Bonuses

High performing affiliates receive bonuses and additional earnings! Based on our 2022 numbers, we're giving affiliates 10% of each sale. That number doubles to 20% when you hit your sales goal!


Group Referral Bonus

If you know a salon or group who'd like to enroll and become certified, your group referral earns you big, as well as a the group you are referring.

We made signing up easy, so you can get started TODAY! 


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