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Get officially Microloc Certified.

To be Microloc Mastery Certified means that you have been trained in and met the standard for the creation, care and maintenance of Microlocs. You've demonstrated that you met the requirements of our long term, industry proven techniques and hold yourself to a high level of professionalism and standards.

Microloc certification in our Microloc Mastery Academy.

"This training style is what I continues to help me get better and develop my skills."

Microloc Mastery Essentials Training

The fundamental information necessary to take you from a strong, solid foundation to a beautiful, refined set of Microlocs.


Microloc Mastery Business Builder

Consultation Training, Documents, Resources and Additional Support to Start and Grow Your Business



Extensions Training

In 2009 we introduced Microloc Extensions to the world. Now we've packaged over 13 years of creation, market testing, refinement and innovation in this exclusive training. Available NOW.


Bundle and Save

Microloc Mastery Full Training Bundle

Receive the full Microloc Mastery Essentials Training along with the Business Builder, Coaching, and official Microloc Mastery Certification, and start getting the results of your DREAMS now!

Here is some of what you'll get:

  • Supply Kit and Tools
  • Online Instruction Accessible 24 hours/ 7 days a week
  • Live Coaching and Support
  • Full Business Builder Program
  • Microloc Directory listing (free for 1 year)
  • 1 Free hour 1 on 1 Training Support
  • 1 Free hour 1 on 1 Business Support


Take our Retightening and Self-Maintenance course and retighten  Microlocs on yourself and others easily and beautifully 

In this course, you will master the art of retightening and self maintenance, using simple and effective techniques that will expand your options and save you money. You will also have lifetime access to additional support, troubleshooting help, and one on one coaching. All supplies included, 24/7 access, certificate of completion.  


Microloc Mastery Certification Only

If you have current skills you'd like to certify, you can do so with this fast and easy process! You'l get certification review and skills assessment, Microloc Mastery Standards and info live support sessions, and access to certification perks and resources for a fraction of the price.



Have current skills and experience you'd like to certify? Be on your way to certification fast and build your business with this bundle!

  • Consultation Training
  • Consultation Documents and Resources
  • Certification Review and Skills Assessment
  • Microloc Mastery Standards and Info Live Support Sessions
  • Access to certification perks and resources for a fraction of the price
  • Microloc Directory Listing + Licensee offer



Free Resources

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Fail Proof Tips and Steps to Mastering Microlocs:

Top 3 Major Microloc Mistakes

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