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Hi, I'm Jessyca. I'm a Licensed Social Worker that formalized Naturally Beautiful Hair Care along with Microlocs in 2009 to provide an alternative to creating small inter-woven locs.

I was inspired to add this service to my natural hair "side hustle" in 2008 as a way to assist women in particular, with having the beautiful small locs of their dreams.

I coined these locs "Microlocs" as I started my career in Brooklyn, NY. I incorporate high quality best practices and innovative techniques for the best results possible. When there wasn't much, if any, of a presence of Microlocs, as it's termed in the industry, I help pioneer and propel the popularity and presence through various media and outreach over the past decade. Starting in 2008, I began making informational videos specifically on Microlocs, attended trade shows nationally promoting the brand, created Microloc trainings, shipped hair tools, took instructional classes and created my own hair tool.

In 2009, I also created Microloc extensions and reattachment options  and introduced it to the market with constant innovation and refinement in order for it to be a viable option for men and women who were seeking such services. Many were suffering with hair loss, broken locs, thinning, or baldness and wanted to keep the look of their small locs, but had no options at the time.

I founded Microloc Mastery Certification and Training Courses to ensure that there was a proven method available to provide consistency, durability, refinement and integrity to the industry.


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