4 Top Tips to Best Results With Microlocs

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Microlocs are special, they give you amazing hair freedom, yet require more maintenance than traditional locs. They take upkeep if you want them to be easy to maintain, but a healthy head of microlocs is so rewarding. 

We define best results as locs that are as strong they can be, they are resilient, and they look the way you want them to look. 

Speaking from 12 years of experience as a professional stylist, and as someone wearing microlocs for many, many years, here are some things I've seen consistently that make a huge difference in loc-quality:

#1 FOUNDATION- the Foundation of the loc should be sized appropriately, and it should take into consideration the density, curl pattern, fullness, desired look, and give a strong base to the loc.

Sizing your locs super small can be detrimental to a lot of people’s hair. You can achieve the look that you like with “small meets strong”. Foundation is about more than just the neatness of your parts and the symmetry, it is about how the locs are started and maintained. 

A solid Foundation to your locks will even allow you to even go periods of time without grooming if needed, when the foundation is done well it's easier to maintain the loc.


#2 Loc tension. I don't mean tension at the scalp. 

If the tension of the lock is weak, it is just like a frayed rope. It can unravel and easily break.

 I always say, your hair is only as strong as the weakest spots, and less space in the loc is equal to a stronger loc. 

Locs in the earlier stages are naturally spongier and have more looseness, but your loctician should be paying attention to keeping constant tension from root to tip. 

#3 Loc quality. The locs should be even, smooth and consistent. if you have loose pockets of hair in your locks, or hair growing outside of the locs, this can cause locs to break. If you so desire, your locs should ideally be consistent in quality all the way down the shaft to loc consistently without bunching, or knotting.


#4 All hair should be included in the loc- There is a big trend to leave many inches of hair out of the loc. The trend may come from seeing fluffy locks in their early stages. One thing you should consider is that loose hair is more prone to locking inconsistently, bunching, and creating low tension locks. For most people this can create more problems with the locking process; if possible hair should always be locked from root to tip.

I hope these 4 tips helped you make some important decisions about the care and maintenance of your microlocs! Always remember that these tips are to be applied to the look you desire to have. Following them to a “T” will result in beautiful, uniform, well-groomed microlocs. 

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