Microloc Extensions: What you need to know

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Loc extensions, and specifically microloc extensions have recently been a trendy topic of conversation in the natural hair world. Microloc Mastery was established out of Naturally Beautiful Hair Care's founder, Jessyca, who innovated and pioneered Microloc Extensions in early 2009 out of Brooklyn, NY. Prior to that, there were no known viable options for creating loc extensions on a micro size scale. The intention was to provide realistic, permanent options for those who desired to start or maintain the look of small/micro sized locs, or reattach locs that had come off. 

Jessyca worked to create brand new techniques to create, reattach, and extend the smallest of locs, including Sisterlocks, and constantly innovated to make the techniques stronger, more realistic, refined through the years.

Microloc Mastery was established to lend a voice and a hand to people looking to make the right decisions in regards to their hair, resulting in the most successful, long term outcomes.  Loc extensions have definitely changed and evolved over the years, but there are a few principles that are important to a solid foundation when dealing with Microloc Extensions. Whether you are looking for a consultant, or you'd like to provide this service to your clients, this is the article for you.  


Video Transcript

Back in 2009 I did my first full head micro loc extension client, prior to that 50% of my clientele was repair and loc rehab services. I had the ability to innovate, and create different techniques for people who needed serious loc repair, re-attachment, or had thinning hair that wouldn’t loc consistently without assistance. My methods were unique, and I had to take information from many different sources and put them together with my applied knowledge. 


For people doing microlocs, you need to understand that there's not just one way to do microloc extensions. If you’re interested in learning my unique methods, make sure you read to the end. 

A few questions you need to ask your loctician before considering the Microloc Extension service: 


Is the service permanent or temporary?

What will the long term results be?

What kind of hair is used?

Are they extending locs or creating from scratch?

Are they doing rehab or installation?


Let’s put it this way, some techniques are not optimal, and they will unravel, slip and swell much larger than the loc. 


Certain faux locs are shiny and look beautiful, while others are meant to look extremely realistic. You should always consider which one you like the look of and go from there. 


When I create extensions, I ask myself if they look like my own hair. How do they curl? How do they wear with time? If these things matter to you, you should definitely look for this in your micro loc extensions. 



Who can retighten them? 

What should you do or not do? 

Is there any special way that the extensions should be maintained? 

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have the same person who created the extensions to maintain them. Ask detailed questions about what you should be doing on a regular basis to protect your new locs. 


Is there a recurring cost for maintenance?

The price of an installation can be significantly higher than one without extensions so a dual quote might be helpful for youa my to consider your options. I usually let a client know the price of installation, maintenance and any other associated costs both with and without extensions. 


High quality extensions are not cheap because they require a lot of labor and time, so definitely keep this in mind when you get the quote. 


Is this really what you truly want? 


When I created this extension technique, I used this for rehab of locs. I saw women come in with hair trauma. They wanted to wear their hair natural and in locs, but felt like they didn't have that option due to thinning, or other issues. 

So consider this, if rehab is not your issue, and you have the potential to achieve the same results with your hair over time, do you still want extensions? 

How sustainable is this option? 

How close do you live to your loctician who installed the extensions? Since it’s ideal to have the same person maintain them, make sure you are able to get back and forth to that person for every appointment. 

Lastly, will you change your mind? 

Permanent loc extensions are not meant to be taken out, so consider this before getting them done. If you are someone who likes to switch up your hairstyles often, and have never had a permanent hair style, really consider your personality, and the styles that you like to wear. 


I hope this helped you to decide whether or not microloc extensions may be right for you. 


If you are interested in actually creating beautiful and realistic microloc extensions, listen up! I’m looking for 10 dedicated people who want to learn my unique methods to better help their clients in achieving the amazing head of locs they desire.


If you are skilled in locs, and ready to learn new techniques, comment EXTENSIONS below and my team will send you some info. 


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