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Most Common Questions About the Microloc Mastery Program

Jun 13, 2022

Before I answer a few questions, I want to tell you WHY I created this program.

Have you ever bought a plant, put it in a pretty pot, did everything you thought you were supposed to do, only to have it not thrive, or even DIE?

If that’s happened to you, it’s probably because something affecting the plant, like the soil, environment, or size of the pot, was not sustainable for its life to really thrive long term.

Well, a lot of microlocs, online demos or trainings are kind of like that plant.

You want big results, but don’t have the right combination of support to get you there.

All of my students are different people. As different as the many variety of plants out there.

They don’t fit into the one size fits all concept.

They are often busy and can’t make trainings in person or at set times.

And many want freedom, but appreciate innovation, and like ongoing support in a variety of ways.

The Microloc Mastery Training and Certification program is 100% doable…

…even if you are a busy mom/person

…even if you have no prior skills in hair care or locs

…even if you are a part of other training systems or have tried other training/systems in the past

This. System. Is. Empowering. (My students’ words, not mine)

“It’s a good tool to have. I took the course. I liked it. I felt really empowered.” -Milan S.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” -Toni P.

Who is the BEST fit for the Microloc Mastery Training? There are generally four types of people who benefit the most from this program.

  • You’re JUST getting started in your skills and/or business and you’re REALLY struggling to master your techniques and reach the goals you have for them. (This course is designed to help you with MULTIPLE goals at once).
  • You may already have some skills and/or a business that you'd like to add this service to, but choose to do it in the most professional way that gives you the most benefit.


  • You are independent and open-minded seeking to get training and support in an easy and accessible way, with 24/7 access, and an ongoing and supportive community. (GOOD VIBES ONLY)


  • You are results driven and value official certification. Your freedom and growth are important and you seek alternative options that give you room for expansion and innovation. (BEAUTIFUL, YES. Sign up already so we can do this!)

If you fit one of the profiles above, then this program is perfect for you.

1.     So, what exactly do I get when I enroll?

When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive membership portal where all your course materials are stored.
You’ll receive access to the members only course community, and you’ll be eligible to attend live monthly coaching calls with me.
Each module is full of videos, worksheets, files and more designed to help you get the best results at your convenience.

2.     What happens if I fall behind?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course and community, so you can complete the material at your own pace.
Lifetime access entitles you to any and all updates I add to the program at no additional charge.
3.     Will I get access to Jessyca?
YES, I’m inside the course community, PLUS I offer live coaching calls up to 4 times per month to answer any specific questions you may have.
4.     Does this course require me to buy my own supplies?
No. If you’d like to get your own additional supplies, that’s fine. HOWEVER, this program enrollment includes the cost and shipping of your supplies directly to you (for students within the US. For students outside of the US, additional shipping may be required. Either way, you STILL get supplies shipped to you as the first option).
5.     How much time will it take for me to complete the course and see results?
Each week (over 5-6 weeks) you’ll spend a few hours watch videos and practicing on your mannequin training head.
As for how quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you. I’ve had students make back their investment within weeks of completing the program.
I can’t guarantee how long it will take you because it’s up to you to complete the program and implement what you learn.
6.     Can’t I just figure this out on my own and do my own thing without a certification?
Not if you want to be taken seriously and be seen as the professional you intend to be. More and more people are realizing the benefit of a trained and properly credentialed professional in Microlocs and Microloc extensions. And not just any "Microloc" certification, but a highly respected certification that originated the first Microloc standard and pioneered the movement. The Microloc Mastery Certified title carries the history and connection to the very foundation of "Microlocs" as it is currently known. Out of our pioneering efforts came all other subsequent "Microloc trainings" and platforms.

What's more significant than being a part of the original Microloc brand?

And especially if you want results and support quickly.

Consider this program your Comprehensive Fast Track Pass.
Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another missed opportunity towards your success.
How much growth, money and support have you missed out on so far? This program will work for you as it’s already worked for many others just like you…

…busy parents

…busy entrepreneurs/hair care professionals

STOP being busy and implement a system that provides you an opportunity to have more control over your skills, time and income.

A flexible schedule…

Days off…

Extra income…

And a lifetime of skills and support!

It’s your choice, keep scrambling, piecing together info, working with subpar education, or not being satisfied


ease of access to training, tools and info with lifetime support, freedom and innovation.

Which do you want?


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